Fragrance as an artistic creation that stimulates senses and reawakens the spirit, trail of our human identity, liquid poetry

This vision and a great passion for "Perfuming" together with a precise commitment towards Creativity and Quality, inspire Neadea's and Valhom's vocation to “re-perfuming” the world, to “re-interpreting” olfactory synergies for a “new concept of fragrance" that makes each person unique and distinctive.

From the glorious Past, its Atmosphere, Values and Feelings, Neadea and Valhom feature their Luxury Fragrance Collections, "Exclusive Blends" that revolution the perfume market in order to declare the old-fashioned concepts of Elegance and Authenticity.

Each fragrance is made by the great "Noses" of Grasse with rare and precious oils and using the traditional perfuming technique.

Results are "unusual" creations that reveal in their olfactory pyramid a complex structure, an harmonious orchestration of essences. All this guarantee high standards of Quality , Pureness and Exclusiveness.

Simply an emotional journey into the mysterious nature of Essences and into their evocative effect because only what comes from Nature is Authentic that's the real Exclusiveness.


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